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Newly Qualified Teachers 2018

A shout out to all Newly Qualified Teachers (or soon to be!) of 2018! I’m sure you’re thinking about your next step in your career, what is going to happen after you qualify? Fear not, the best advice we can give is get yourself signed up with a Teaching Agency. Do a little bit of research behind the agency you join, which ones provide for schools in your area and which ones do you feel best working with. At the end of the day, you put a lot of trust into the agency you sign up with to find you regular and consistent work, so if it means signing up with 6 agencies you can make the decision on who you prefer working with.

Signing up with an agency doesn’t need to be scary, here are some helpful questions you may want to ask;

  • What areas do you cover?
  • How much work can I expect to get?
  • How much is the daily rate?
  • How far will I need to travel for work?
  • When can I expect to start work?
  • Where do I need to go to register with you?
  • Who will be the best person to contact when dealing with your agency?
  • Why would I want to sign up with your agency?
  • How soon can I register?
  • Do you pay PAYE or Umbrella?

These are just a few questions you can ask when enquiring with a Teaching agency.

What do I need to join a Teaching Agency?

EWC registration (information correct to February 2018)
In order to work in Wales, every single person who works within a school, from the Head Teacher to the Janitor, needs to be registered with the Education Workforce Council (EWC). It’s a simple process of filling out an application form and sending away to the EWC along with an annual fee of £45 for Teachers and £15 for Teaching Assistants. Did you know, that Teachers can also register as a Teaching Assistant all within the £45 subscription?

The EWC is a fountain of knowledge, for helping you on your way to become a qualified teacher. Here is a useful number to enquire more 029 2046 0099.

DBS (information correct to February 2018)
Over the years, perhaps you’ve gone through the process of registering for a DBS.  The one which is suitable for joining Addysg Seren Education Ltd (we cannot answer for all agencies) is that you need to have an Enhanced DBS which dates within the last 12 months, or is actively on the update service. If you have not heard of the update service, it is something which keeps your DBS active.  Providing all details on a DBS to a client school is a legal requirement. If you find yourself in the situation of needing a new DBS, make sure you sign up to the update service, it will also make your DBS portable to other employers.

How do I get paid?
Money makes the world go around and all that and the more you get paid the better, right? When working for an agency, there are usually TWO options, and this depends on the agency itself how they have chosen to do their payroll. As a rule of thumb, they work like this;

  1.  Agency administering the payroll itself.  The agency will deduct Employee tax and National Insurance from your gross pay and any other relevant deductions such as Student loan repayments in the same way as an employer would, through Pay As You Earn. The agency will pay the employer’ contribution, and  also contribute towards a Pension scheme,  again in the same way as an employer would.

2.   The agency employs a third party called an Umbrella Company to administer their pay roll on their behalf.  You will receive your money less tax, National Insurance, and the Umbrella          Company’s margin.

At Addysg Seren Education we administer the payroll ourselves. 


Other Documentation
There are other documents you need to bring along to registration with you, we will be happy to provide this information once we have confirmed a date for registration.


Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at or phone 01554 705065


We are a bilingual company, you can speak to any one of our team in English or in Welsh. 


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